Honeymoon - Singapore

Here is the first batch of photos from our honeymoon. I'll post the rest shortly!

Our flight was actually not too bad thanks to a good in-flight entertainment system for the longer legs of the flights. We ended up watching about a half-dozen movies which kept things from getting too boring.

We arrived in Singapore past midnight due to delays in our flight out of Japan, so we were pretty wiped out when we checked into our hotel. We were staying at a beautiful hotel called the St. Regis. The room was fantastic with really nice details: a nice high ceiling with chandeliers in both the bedroom and bathroom, a walk-in closet with room to lay out your luggage, lighting control panels next to the bed, and really nice furniture.

The next day we just wanted to see some of the city, so we spoke with the concierge who was very helpful in suggesting a whole itinerary for us for the day. First we started off walking down the main shopping street, Orchard Boulevard, which had all sorts of high-end shops. We're not much for shopping, but it was fun strolling along.

He suggested grabbing lunch at this mall that is attached to a subway stop. We were skeptical, but it was really nice! All sorts of great foods to choose from and a very classy looking environment (for a food court). I got some chicken-rice which is a popular Singaporean dish, which was pretty tasty. It appeared to just be boiled fish and rice, but it had some flavor to it as well and was very moist. Kellian got some sort of veggie noodles that were pretty good too.

Next we made our way over to Little India. It was a bit of a hike getting there by foot, but it was a fun way to get a feel for the city. There was a nice market there with all sorts of little shops. We strolled around for a bit and then headed over to Arab Street.

The site the concierge suggested checking out there was a big mosque, so we headed in there. They had Kellian put on a robe of some sort because she wasn't dressed properly. It was a really hot day and that made it even hotter for her, so we left fairly soon.

At around this point we were getting tired of walking around, so we hopped on the subway and decided to head back to the hotel for a dip in the pool. On our way back, Kellian accidentally left her brand new pair glasses on the subway! She was understandably pretty peeved, but I said we should try to get her another pair as soon as possible so she doesn't miss all the great sights we're sure to see! Luckily, there was a glasses shop in the mall/subway stop where we ended up, so she ended up buying another pair without too much trouble.

After getting back to the hotel and cooling off in the hotel pool, we headed back along Orchard Street to check out this restaurant that Kellian remembered from her prior visit to Singapore.  She remembered having a vegetarian version of laksa, another popular Singaporean dish that has noodles in a spicy coconut soup. Unfortunately, when we got there the only laksa that they had was lobster laksa (with Boston lobster!), so she ended up ordering something else. I got the lobster laksa and it was very tasty!

After dinner, we headed to the old colonial district of Singapore, which has some nice old buildings where we walked along the Singapore river. It was quite scenic at night with all the buildings it up along the river. We stopped off at a nice old hotel where we had some dessert before heading back to our hotel for bed.

The next day, we headed to Bali! Details of that part of our trip will be my next post.

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