Japan Trip Day 14 - 2013-08-09

Friday we headed from Sendai back to Tokyo! Trip was about two hours on the bullet train, what a great way to travel! We brought a few snacks and watched some videos on Kellian's iPad to pass the time.

We arrived around 1:00, but the hotel was able to let us check in early, which was nice! It is a beautiful hotel, Mitsui Garden Hotel in Ueno. The room is tiny, as is common in Tokyo, but very comfortable, clean, and new-looking. I forgot to take photos when we got here, but I'll get some once we clear our stuff out on Sunday.

It was sweltering hot, so we decided to find something to do that was mostly indoors. We decided to go check out the Tokyo Skytree, the largest tower in the world! It is over 2000 feet tall! It also has a nice shopping area below it, so we went there for lunch before heading up the tower.

There was a huge line to get to the observation deck, but we stuck with it and eventually got to the top. It was an amazing sight!

After we descended from the tower, we headed to Ginza for dinner. We found a great little place on one of the side streets that had a good selection of vegetarian dishes, including this tasty grilled rice on a stick with a sweet sauce. Good stuff!

We wandered around a bit more, but things were closing up and it was hot, so we decided to head back to our hotel. Tomorrow, we're planning on going to Tokyo Disney Sea!

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