Japan Trip Day 15 - 2013-08-10

Saturday was our last full day in Japan and since we had previously spent a good bit of time doing more traditional sightseeing in Tokyo, we decided to go to Tokyo Disney! There were two different areas Tokyo Disney World and Tokyo Disney Sea: Tokyo Disney World had similar attractions to Disney World in Orlando, so we decided to go to Disney Sea instead.

It was pretty easy to get there from our hotel in Ueno, only about 45 minutes to get to the Disney monorail. The monorail had Mickey-themed handles and windows, a nice touch!

The first ride we went to was Journey to the Center of the Earth, unfortunately by the time we got there the line was pretty long (about two hours), but the ride was a good one! It started out taking us on a fantastical jouney through an underground world, but then turned into a short roller-coaster. As with pretty much everything at Disney, the theme was outstanding: great detail throughout the ride and the ending was fun!
Next we went to Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull. This ride was in a large vehicle that held 16 people, and rode around on a track jostling you one way and another. It sounds kind of dull, but it was pretty fun! Again, they did an excellent job with the design and feel of the ride.

I think those were probably our favorite two rides of the day, we did a few others and had a great time! One neat thing we found out after our first two-hour wait: some of the lines have a single-riders line that has a much shorter wait! We didn't mind being separated, so that saved us a ton of time.

After Disney, we headed for dinner at an interesting restaurant: Ninja Akasaka! When we first walked in, the hostess greeted us in what appeared to be a room with no exits (other than the way we came in), but she summoned our Ninja Guide with a clap and he emerged from a hidden panel in the wall! Our guide proceeded to escort us through another hidden door along a dark, winding path. At one point, the path was blocked by a pit, but he clapped and activated a draw bridge that let us pass. Pretty elaborate!

When we emerged from this pathway, we made our way past a few other tables that were tucked away inside black wooden structures with lattice doors, simulating an underground ninja village. Our table was up a short flight of stairs looking down on a few other tables and the main corridor.

All of the waiters and waitresses were dressed as ninjas, and even the food was ninja-themed. I got one of the tasting menus, and Kellian got a vegetarian tasting menu, so we got to see quite a few different things!

Black ninja star crackers!

Sneaky vegetarian sushi: the one on the left looks like tuna, but is tomato!

Sneaky cream puff: has tuna tartare inside.

The waitress made this soup in front of us, it was cooked by these very hot stones that were added to the mixture.

Looked like a little ninja, you can't quite see his sword here.

Our waitress showing Kellian the secret ninja sign.
The food was great and we had a great time with the whole theme of the restaurant. Definitely worth checking out if you are in Tokyo and are looking for a good theme restaurant! Kellian declared this her favorite restaurant of all time, so I'm sure we'll be back next time we are in Tokyo!

It was a great note to end our trip to Japan on: the following morning we headed back to Boston! The flight back was great: we had recently started watching Heroes, a very addictive tv series, so we watched that on Kellian's iPad for pretty much the entire 13 hour flight.


spletcher said...

B&K - sounds like a fitting last day for a great two weeks in Japan! Glad only one long line at Disney - I have heard that place can have really long lines!!! The Ninja restaurant sounds very cool - nice that it had good food as well as all the tricky theatrics! Did your camera's flash stop working - some of the shots were dark? Thanks for the great posts from a great trip, and again, welcome home! SDP

smiteo said...

thanks for sharing your trip with us, Brian!
the ninja dinner looked amazing!