Costa Rica Trip Day 10 - 2009-03-15


Since I decided to bump back my flight, today was sort of a bonus day. It was definitely worth it though, because we saw some pretty cool stuff. We got up a bit late, since Kellian was a bit tired from her head injury. After we got up, we went to breakfast at a nice little place up the road from Tulemar, the condo community where we were staying.

I have had my fill of gallo pinto, so I ended up having some granola and fruit instead, which was quite tasty. After that, Kellian decided that it would probably be best for her to stay at home while Liz and I went over to Robb's to see about snorkeling.

We stopped by, but Robb wanted to check out this lot of land that he is thinking of buying first. We also got to check out the house that was next door, which was incredible. It had concrete pads with water all around them as you walk into the house, so it looks like they are floating. Once you get into the house, you see that the water opens up into a beautiful swimming pool that cascades off the end of the house. See photos for more details.

The view was pretty spectacular with lots of jungle all around and a nice view of the ocean. When we got down to the ocean, Robb needed to go back up to get his family so Liz and I splashed around in the water for a while. The waves were pretty good, perfect for body surfing and they also had boogie boards.

Once Robb got back, we got our snorkeling gear (the condo association has a tent that provides it) and paddled out in kayaks to a reef. It was a bit tricky paddling through the big waves. I pushed my boat out past the breakers and got in, but unfortunately my paddle was strapped to the boat so I couldn't straighten myself out relative to the waves, and I ended up getting tossed over Liz and Robb's heads.

The snorkeling was pretty good, but Robb said the water was usually more clear. Still, I got to see some neat fish, including clown fish and a puffer fish. I dove down and tried to get the puffer fish to puff by waving my arms around menacingly, but he didn't seem to care.

After snorkeling, we swam for a bit more and headed back to the condo to see Kellian. Kellian was doing much better after all her rest, so that's good. After we got cleaned up, we headed over to Robb's to watch the sunset. It was pretty spectacular, but I was probably more excited by the monkeys that I got to see from Robb's patio. They were cute little monkeys that were running around and swinging, so that was fun.

I also forgot to mention that we got to see two sloths while we were at the beach. They were hanging in the trees near the parking lot for the beach. I took some pictures, but it is kind of hard to make out which part is which. We did see them climbing around though, which was pretty cool.

After the sunset, we went to Marlintini's with Robb. The kids were home with a babysitter, which was nice for a change. The martinis there were quite tasty, as one would expect. I had some dorado stuffed with mozzarella, which was pretty good. After we got back, we were pretty tired and full, so we went to bed pretty early.

The next day, I was feeling pretty sick to my stomach, which was not good considering I was flying on a little 15 seater prop plane over the mountains to San Jose to catch my flight back to the US. I was feeling pretty awful for a while, but we got some anti-nausea medicine that seemed to kick in right before the plane took off. I brought some plastic bags just in case, but no need! I think it must've been something I ate, or maybe I was just dehydrated. Kellian came to the airport with me to see me off, which was nice. I'll be seeing her again in less than 2 weeks, so that's not too bad.

The plane ride was really scenic and fun. There wasn't too much turbulence, but there was enough to make it fun at a few points. I took a lot of pictures out the window that give you an idea of what the terrain around here looks like.

Now I'm typing this from the San Jose airport. They have free WiFi, which is great. This is the last of my blog entries for this trip, so it is good to get it wrapped up before I get home and don't feel like doing it. Thanks for reading!

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