Costa Rica Trip Day 9 - 2009-03-14


Today was fairly uneventful. We slept in a bit, since the doctor recommended that Kellian stay at the hospital for a full 24 hours. Kellian still wasn't feeling too hot in the morning: her head hurt and she was feeling dizzy. The doctors told us that this was normal for head injuries and that it should feel better in a few days. They gave her some oral medicine that she could continue to take when she left that really seemed to help her.

They let us leave around noon, so we decided to take a private shuttle to Quepos. We were planning to go to Quepos the day before and Kellian really wanted for Liz and I to make it down there before I had to leave, so even though it was expensive, we thought it was our best option to get down there in a reasonable amount of time. The public busses would take a lot longer.

I was planning to fly out of San Jose the next day, so we figured we could get into Quepos a bit before sunset, have an hour or two of beach time, and then head out in the morning. This was the plan, but unfortunately the shuttle took a bit longer to get to us than we had planned and took a bit longer to get to Quepos than we planned, so we actually ended up getting there about a half hour past sunset.

The drive, however, was really quite pleasant. It was in a minivan that was driven by a very friendly fellow who was quite knowledgeable about the area. He lived in the US for quite a while, so his english was very good. The trip was around 5 hours, but it went by fairly quickly. We stopped at a bridge that was known for having lots of alligators underneath it to take pictures and such. The scenery was pretty amazing the whole way. I tried to capture some of it, but it is hard to get good landscape pictures from a moving car.

Once we got to Quepos, we met up with Robb and his family for a private catered dinner out by the beach. Robb sure does live the good life! There was a chef grilling steak, tuna, lobster, and shrimp and a few sides. A waiter brought us drinks and there were tiki lanterns strung up among the palm trees. It was pretty cool being able to hear the sound of waves crashing as we were eating dinner. Too bad we missed the sunset, because they said it was beautiful.

I had a 1:00PM flight booked the next day to get me back on Sunday night at midnight, so I could make my Monday classes, but this place was just so great that I thought I'd stay for another day so that I could see the area. I wouldn't have gotten to see much otherwise, because I would have had to take a 9:00AM flight out of Quepos to San Jose to make my flight home. So I moved my flight till Monday and will miss my Monday classes, but I'll get to go snorkeling and see Quepos, which is supposed to have the best beach in the area.

We're staying in a very nice condo complex that Robb is buying some property in. They have a private beach and very nice facilities. Our room looks out over the ocean, though it has been dark since I got here so I haven't seen the view yet. It is supposed to be great! I should get to bed, we're planning on an early breakfast tomorrow.

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