Road Trip Day 10 - 2007-07-29

Check out pictures from today here:

Justin cooked a great breakfast for Nikki, Steph, Theresa, and I this morning. We had fried eggs, sausage, toast, and smoothies! After that, Steph headed out to do some more packing and Nikki went with Theresa to do some shopping, so Justin and I went over to the creek at West Fork to go swimming. It was pretty busy there, but we found a good spot up the river a ways that wasn't as bad. There were bluffs running all along the river, which were great for climbing up and jumping off of. Sorry, no pictures since I didn't want my camera getting wet/stolen.

Justin challenged me to a stone skipping contest, which I failed at miserably. He beat me again in a rematch: clearly this is not my forte. I need to spend some more time practicing before I can compete at his level.

On our way back, we stopped by Hoghous, one of Justin's favorite bars in the area. We ordered some beers, and were fortunate enough to be served by a somewhat flamboyant waiter that Justin knew was particularly generous. Sure enough, he brought us some free shots that were his own concoction. They were pretty gross (coffee flavored beer plus amaretto or something), but you can't beat the price. Then Justin asked for him to suggest something affordable and tasty, so he whipped up some cocktail that he made up on the spot. I don't remember what was in it, other than some rasberry liquor, but it was pink and didn't taste bad at all. How much did it cost us in total? 5 bucks each (plus a generous tip)! I was quite impressed.

Next we headed over to Theresa's house to borrow her wok for this evening's meal and then we headed back over to Nikki and Justin's house. Justin proceeded to instruct me on how to prepare a great chinese stir fry dish with chicken and lots of vegetables. I don't really remember much of it, but I might be able to wing it if the need arises.

After we finished dinner, Justin and I picked up Steph on our way to the Boom Boom Room (what a name!) to play some air hockey. It turns out that I suck at air hockey. I beat Justin once, but he beat me once and Steph beat me twice. Steph and Justin were pretty evenly matched.

As I mentioned a few days ago, Justin has been teaching me to drive a standard transmission, so I've taken every chance I could get to drive his car whenever we're going anywhere together. I'm definitely getting the hang of it! I'm not stalling getting out of first anymore, and was able to back uphill out of his driveway and such without too much of a problem. Justin even showed me how you can coast around a turn in 2nd gear. Thanks Justin!

After air hockey, we played a bit of pool. We played a game of cutthroat followed by some 8-ball doubles against these really good folks who were hanging out at the bar. We held our own, to some degree. We even won the last game, but it was because they sunk the eight ball accidently. I need to practice more.

I should get going, since Justin is out weedwhacking Theresa's lawn by himself. I'm going to go help him.

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