Road Trip Day 9 - 2007-07-28

Check out pictures from today here:

Today Steph, Nikki, Justin, Nikki's mother Theresa, and I met up at Little Bread Company for breakfast. Steph and I split a very tasty cinnamon roll, we think it was the almond extract in the frosting that made it so good. After that, we all headed over to Steph's place to help her move. Theresa brought her minivan, which we used for the big pieces of furniture. After packing for a while, I was starting to get hungry. Eventually, I managed to persuade everyone that I needed food, so we headed out for lunch.

Justin wanted to go to this japanese place called Wasabi, but unfortunately it was closed for lunch. So, we went to Rice Village instead. I was walking ahead of the group to check to make sure the place was open, and carrying Nikki's baby-bag with me. When I walked in, after requesting a table for 5, one of the waiters looked at me and asked "what is that?". Clearly he thought I was carrying a purse of some sort. I told him it was for a baby, and he thought that was acceptable.

Much to Justin's dismay, the restaurant had recently lost thier liquor licence due to an oversight on the part of the management regarding when the renewal application was due. Furthermore, three of us ordered sushi that was supposed to have cucumber in it, but there was no cucumber! This was particularly unfortunate for Steph, who ordered something that just had shrimp and cucumber in it, so now it was just a rice and shrimp roll. On Justin's recommendation, I tried the seaweed salad, which was quite good.

After we refueled, we headed out to continue packing. We took several loads of stuff out to her new place before calling it quits for the day. Justin had to go to work for a few hours, so the rest of us just hung out. I did a bit of laundry while Nikki and Blue were taking a nap.

After Justin got off work, he cooked a fantastic meal for Nikki, Steph, and I. Marinated ribeye, homemade creamed corn, french fries, and green beans. I had never had homemade creamed corn before, but it was ridiculously good. The steak was also done to perfection and very flavorful.

After dinner, I got to hold the baby for the first time, which was really cute. (See photos) I got one great photo of Justin holding the baby with her looking right back at him and smiling. I haven't seen all the photos taken of her, but I bet this is among the best! We ate a bit of ice cream and then Steph and I went to watch another episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.


spletcher said...

Brian - thanks for doing this blog. It's great getting "all the news" on your travels. The dates of your postings seem screwy. Day 9, July 28th is actually Saturday, but shows under a heading of Sunday. It's still great to read your reports and see the pix. Once we figure out which day your writing about, we can follow along. Have fun. SDP

Becky and Paul said...

Your travel news is fun to read. Thanks.
Aunt R. and Uncle P. and the black dog