Road Trip Day 2 - 2007-07-21

Check out pictures from today here:

Rob and I had a good day today, we got to sleep in pretty late (11ish) and then went over to Chipotle in Arlington to have some lunch with his friends Mike and Brad. It was quite tasty, though I must admit that it isn't quite as good as Anna's Taqueria. I got a burrito, which was tasty.

Next, we went over to Upton Hill Park to play some mini-golf. Brad played a consistently good game to pull out the win. I had a rocky start at the beginning but got 3 hole-in-one's in the back 9 for a solid 2nd. It was a good course, the type with rolling green, water traps, rocks, and such. None of those big windmills or dinosaurs which makes for a somewhat more pure game.

As we were walking away from the mini golf-place, I spotted a Dippin' Dots sign. I love Dippin' Dots! Rob, Brad, and I got some, but Mike wasn't too interested at first. After my explanation of how the manufacturing process makes for particularly creamy and rich taste, he decided he had to get some too. Yes, I am a big Dippin' Dots fan.

Rested up, we hit the batting cages. We tried medium-speed baseball, which was somewhat unsatisfying because I only got one really solid hit after 16 pitches. Slow-pitch softball was a bit more our speed: it is quite satisfying to be able to really smack it. Mike observed that slow-pitch softball was probably the only type of baseball we would be playing at this point in our lives, so it is probably the best thing for us to be practicing anyways.

Brad had to head out, but the rest of us went back to Rob's place for some chinese food from Pei Wei and some Wii. We played 2 games of Mario Party 8, I won one and Mike won one, much to Rob's dismay. He wanted me to mention his frustration by the fact that I am consistently kicking his ass at everything on the Wii.

Overall a good day, lots of games and stuff which is always fun. Also, I just got word from Justin Berenguel that he and his wife are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl! Check out Justin's facebook page for some adorable pictures. I can't wait to meet her next weekend!


mmm... said...

Boo to rainbow dippin' dots. Yay to Yoshi winning Mario Party. Also yay to softball. Nice blog Brian!


Brian Pletcher said...

Thanks Mike! It was nice meeting you.