Road Trip Day 11 - 2007-07-30

Check out pictures from today here:

Bonus day in Fayetteville! I was enjoying my time here so much, that I just couldn't leave. Justin had today off, so I decided to stick around and hang out with him. First, Justin, Nikki, and I had a nice breakfast of Cheerio's and bananas, prepared by yours truly. Next Justin and I went over to Theresa's house to help out with her lawn, which was quite overgrown.

Not just a little overgrown: it was about 2 feet high and quite thick! Justin went to work with the weedwhacker, while I used Theresa's internet connection to mail in my resume to BU. Theresa mentioned that her computer was acting odd because of some spyware, so I took a look at it for her. It had some software on it that was causing random popups to occur whenever you clicked a link! Quite annoying. I ran a full Adaware scan and went out to help Justin.

He made quite a bit of progress with the wheedwhacker, but there was still about 3/4 of it left to be done. He had switched over to using a mower. Unfortunately, the grass was so tall he had to tilt it up as high as it would go, and push it at that angle. Quite tiring! I worked a bit with the wheedwhacker and then we went in for lunch.

Theresa whipped up some homemade tuna salad, which Justin and I ate while watching some homestar runner. I must say, I'm not a huge fan. Some of it was pretty funny, but it seems like the same kinda odd humor that I don't like about Aquateen (not that I've watched much of that).

I checked the Adaware scan, and it found and removed some malware. I rebooted, but the problem was still happening! I started to run the same scan in safe mode, since maybe it had a mechanism which reinstalled it if you tried to remove it. Justin and I had to go though, so I never did see if it worked. I'm not very optimistic, but who knows?

Justin and I headed back to his house to check in on Nikki and the baby. Then we headed on to West Fork of the White River to swim. It looked like it was going to rain, but we were going to get wet anyways swimming, so who cares? It was nice, the water was decently warm, though the air was a bit too chilly for my taste. We skipped a bunch of stones. I think my technique has improved! The trick is getting a nice rock and then really throwing it fast with a bit of a snap to your wrist. We jumped off the bluffs once, and then just kinda drifted around in the rain. There was a bit of lightning, but it was way off in the distance.

We went back to Nikki and Justin's place to have dinner with some of Nikki's family. Before the family got here, Justin showed me how to whip up some delicious spring rolls! They turned out quite well, though we needed some work on our sauce.

Nikki's step-mother brought over some Dorito Casserole! It was quite tasty, thought it could have used some more Dorito's. After that, we went to help Steph move some more. Justin and I made two trips before we had to head home for bed. Justin did a ridiculous job of packing stuff into Steph's car. I had no idea we'd be able to fit that much stuff in there!

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