Road Trip Day 13 - 2007-08-01

Check out a map of my journey today here:,+TX&daddr=Flagstaff,+AZ&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=42.901912,82.617188&ie=UTF8&ll=35.219885,-106.742285&spn=11.100283,20.654297&z=6&om=1

Check out pictures from today here:

After grabbing a Belgian waffle at La Quinta breakfast buffet, I hit the road at around 9:30. Nothing too interesting to report on the drive, other than it was quite long and dull. I was hoping to make it all the way to Vegas, but I decided to stop in Flagstaff, AZ instead for two reasons: I was sick of driving, and now I can take a bit of a detour tomorrow to check out the Grand Canyon.

I'll be visiting the south rim, which is where they constructed that glass platform you can walk out on. Sounds pretty neat!

I had dinner at the Beaver Creek Brewery, which was where I went a couple of times when I came to Flagstaff over the summer for music camp. A woman sat down next to me and we chatted for a bit. She was the one who informed me about the location of the glass platform and recommended the hotel I ended up staying in. Quite useful!

She also told me about how she lives out in the middle of nowhere with her husband, a retired Colorado river-rafting guide, and her chickens, which she raises for their eggs. Evidently, fresh eggs are delicious! She drives 40 miles into Flagstaff once a week to get groceries and such.

After I got to my hotel, I just sat around re-reading my favorite poker book, Hold' em Poker for Advanced Players by Ed Miller, David Sklansky, and Mason Malmuth. It is highly recommended, unless you plan on playing me at some point.

Tomorrow, I head for the Grand Canyon and Vegas!

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Makar said...

belgian waffles are really good, i like to eat em! nom nom nom *burp*

also i like to eat vegetables!