Road Trip Day 28 - 2007-08-16

Check out the pictures I took today:

Today we had to check out of the cabin at Devil's Den, so everybody packed up and headed back to Justin's house. For lunch we decided to go to a hamburger place that Justin likes called Wes's BBQ. The food was quite tasty and the service was surprisingly good for a place where you seat yourself. The waitress remembered who ordered what even though there were 7 people in our group and we had ordered at the counter.

I drove to and from the Wes's in Justin's Geo and managed to scare the hell out of both Amber and Mandy who feared for thier lives with all the lurching and stalling that was going on. I though I had the hang of it, but I think I need a bit more practice.

We saw this tremendous spider near Justin's front door (see photos). I'm surprised I hadn't noticed it before, it was really quite large. Its discovery drew a crowd of kids from the neighborhood.

Since Justin's family would be staying at his house and things would be a bit crowded, I decided to bid farewell to Fayetteville and head over to Little Rock to visit Stephanie who was house sitting for her parents.

She showed me some of the sights in Little Rock like the Clinton Library (which was closed by the time we got to it) and Little Rock Central High School. After that we decided to grab a bite at a pizza place in town. They had a very tasty deep dish pizza that was similar to the type I got in Berkeley with Paul. This crust was even better though, I think.

When we got back to Steph's parent's place, we hung out for a little while with her mini daschunds which were adorable. At first they were barking quite a bit but eventually they calmed down and sat on my lap. They are named Bailey and Riley. Bailey snuggled down between Steph and I, which was pretty cute.

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