Road Trip Day 15 - 2007-08-03

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Today I tried to sleep in as much as possible so I could play nice and late, but I ended up waking up around 10:00. I grabbed a bagel at the food court downstairs and spent several hours reading through Small Stakes Hold 'em. I ran to Walgreens later in the afternoon, picked up Subway on the way back, and ate it in my room while reading more SSHE. Around 4:00, I got sick of reading and felt like I wanted to start playing again.

I went down to the MGM poker room and it looked pretty sparsely populated, so I decided to wander around the MGM Grand a bit. It is a huge place! I must've taken me 30 minutes to walk all the way around it. When I got back, I asked to be seated at the 2/4 table, but unfortunately the last seat had filled when I got there, so I got put on the wait list. I was on the waitlist for about 45 minutes before I got a seat.

The table was great when I sat down, lots of calling stations. One older woman to my right literally called with any 2 cards to see the flop, even calling several raises and so forth. I'm constantly amazed at how people can play like that and still not always lose their buy-in within the hour. I guess a lot of the time they do.

There were two really laggy (loose-aggressive) players seated to my left after about 11:00 who were annoying me. They kept posting live straddles (raising blind) and checking in the dark. The guy two to my left kept posting live straddles when I was in the blind, which caused me to have to tighten up in the blinds. I am pretty tight to begin with, so I look forward to the big blind so I can actually see a flop now and then, which was why it bothers me to have to keep folding there too.

My winnings kept climbing and falling, eventually I got up about $100, but about 30 minutes later I was back at 0! That was pretty frustrating, but a few hours later, at around 3:00AM, I got it back up to $100 and decided to quit. I couldn't resist the urge to cash out with 2 full racks of $1 chips and get two crisp Benjamins in return. Woo hoo! Hopefully tomorrow I'll do as well (or better!).

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