Road Trip Day 22 - 2007-08-10

Check out the pictures I took today:

Today Paul took most of the day off, so we went out for lunch at this deli named Saul's. I had this hash with pastrami and other good stuff in it and some poached eggs on top. It was a bit salty, which is saying a lot since I love salt, but otherwise quite good. Paul got a fantastic looking sausage omelette and a bagel.

After that, we headed over to Iron Works climbing gym. It was a pretty good sized gym with a bunch of interesting routes. I did a 5.11c, 5.10a, 5.10c, 5.10a, 5.10a, and 5.10b. I think the ratings were a bit easier than some of the other gyms I've been to, or I'm getting better! Paul did quite well as well, getting up a 5-10a along with some other tricky stuff. They had an interesting method for doing the belay test: instead of having each of us belay the other, they had us pretend to belay on a rope they were pulling on. Seems like a good method to ensure you don't drop somebody on your test.

Then we headed back to Paul's place to shower and went out to eat at Zachary's. It is a pizza place that serves these ridiculous deep dish pizzas (see photo). It had to have been like an inch and a half deep. It was quite good though! We got pepperoni and sausage.

Next, we headed over to have drinks with one of Paul's friends whose birthday was today. We went to this nice micro brewery called Pyramid that had a whole bunch of interesting things to choose from.

Then we went over to somebody's apartment to meet up with Paul's girlfriend Lauren, who was in the middle of watching a Mad Max marathon. I caught most of the 2nd movie, but then we headed out.

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Becky and Paul said...

Paul and I just caught up with your travels. Glad you got to have dinner with Will, Milena and Natalia. The plate picture looked delicious. We've gone abalone diving with Will. By getting in and under the water we can get our limit, too.

Keep on having fun.
Aunt R. and Uncle P.