Road Trip Day 19 - 2007-08-07

Check out the pictures I took today:

Today I slept in, since Paul was working and I didn't really have any other plans. I got up around 1:00, had some breakfast, then just took it easy until Paul got back. For those of you concerned for my health, my eye was fine when I woke up. It must have been an irritation or allergic reaction of some sort.

Paul, Lauren (his girlfriend) and I went out to dinner at this hamburger place nearby. I got a bacon cheeseburger, as I usually do whenever possible. It was good, lots of bacon which was a nice touch. Sometimes they put so little on you barely notice it, but there was almost as much bacon as there was burger on this thing.

After eating, we met up with Paul and Lauren's friends Michael and Janel at this bar named Albatross. It was pretty cool, they had dart boards and board games and such. We had a few beers and played Apples to Apples. Here's how it works:

Players take turns being the "judge" the judge draws from a pile of cards with adjectives on it and shows it to everybody else. Everyone has 7 cards with nouns on it. They must choose which noun they think the judge will think goes best with the adjective. The cards are mixed so the judge doesn't know which card belongs to who, and they pick their favorite. The winner gets a point, and the next player in turn becomes the judge. It is pretty amusing!

Next, we played some darts. Janel taught us how to play a dart game called Killah: Each player throws a dart to determine which point is theirs. They need to hit this same point 3 times to become a "Killah", then they can kill other players by hitting their points an equal number of times to the number of times they've hit their own point. Michael kicked all our asses at this one, so we tried something else the next time.

Paul suggested we play Cricket, which I hadn't heard of before either. The points 15 through 20 are used for this game. Once you hit a point 3 times, each subsequent hit earns you that number of points, until your opponent has hit that point 3 times, at which time the point is considered closed. The game ends when all the points are closed. Paul and I played on a team against Lauren and Janel and narrowly achieved a victory.

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