Road Trip Day 26 - 2007-08-14

Check out the pictures I took today:

I spent today hanging out with Justin and his family. His mother Meg, his brother Joe, his brother's wife Corey, and his niece Amber drove down from Connecticut. So we're all hanging out along with Nikki, Nikki's sister Mandy, and Blue.

We slept in pretty late due to the late night, but eventually we got up and had some scrambled eggs for breakfast. Justin used Meg's recipe which includes some yogurt, something I'd never heard of adding to scrambled eggs before. Indeed, they were quite tasty! I'll have to try that myself some time.

After that, Justin and I went down to the pool with Amber for a swim. The pool was nice, though a bit crowded. The water was a good temperature and they had a pair of small water slides. After we swam for a bit, the lifeguard called for a 10 minute break and everybody had to get out of the pool, so we headed back to the cabin for some lunch.

Justin whipped up a salad and some bagel bites for lunch. The salad was great, it had some mixed greens with avocado, pine nuts, and cucumber. We needed to get some more stuff for dinner, so Mandy, Nikki, Justin, Blue, and I headed back to Fayetteville to get some things from Justin's house and go shopping at Wal-Mart.

When checking out at Wal-Mart, Justin noticed that his total was quite a bit higher than we had both guessed, so he looked at the details and noticed that he had been charged for 47 cucumbers instead of 4, which was about $30. We had to go to the customer service counter since the cashier had already closed the transaction, and they gave Justin a refund.

When we got back, Justin cooked up some homemade pesto that he put on some pasta and asparagus. Then we just hung around and talked for a bit. Quite a relaxing day.

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