Road Trip Day 30 - 2007-08-18

Check out the pictures I took today:

After getting a good night of sleep, Brian and I headed out for breakfast. First we went over to get his friends, Zach and Luke, who live in an apartment nearby. We headed over to Scramblers, a breakfast place nearby. The waitress was extremely friendly and the food was good. I got a bacon and cheese omelette, which was pretty good but way too much food for me.

Then we dropped Zach and Luke off and went back to play some X-Box 360. We played a bit of Gears of War online with other folks and I got destroyed. Fortunately it was team-based so even though I was getting killed a lot and not helping out much, we managed to win quite a few of our matches.

We started to get hungry again, so we went over to La Paloma for some sopapilla's, which at this place are kinda like enchilada's but made with a flakey dough. It reminded me of cornish pasties in England, but with cheese and mexican flavoring.

Then we went back to Brian's place and played some Need for Speed, which was awesome. I love driving games and the graphics were incredible in HD. I was completely blown away by the realism. I wasn't much competition for Brian, so he had me play some of the story mode which was fun. I might need to get one of these if I ever have a big wad of money burning a hole in my pocket.

For dinner we headed over to a pub that Brian and his friends frequent. Zach came along and we met up with another friend. The place was nice, but we arrived there 1 minute after they stopped serving the dinner menu, which was annoying. We got some appetizers instead which were pretty tasty. I got some BBQ wings with this Guinness BBQ sauce which was good, though I think I would have preferred the buffalo sauce instead.

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