Road Trip Day 27 - 2007-08-15

Check out the pictures I took today:

Today we got a pretty late start. Justin whipped up some of his fantastic omelettes as well as some fried eggs for breakfast, then we just hung around for a bit deciding what to do. Joe and Corey headed out to Fayetteville to take care of some work and grab some groceries. Justin and I decided to go check out some of the caves around Devil's Den Park. Mandy's foot was hurting, so she wasn't really up for a hike and Amber decided not to go.

The trail was well marked and nicely kept. They had a lot of neat steps made of of stone and such. There were several places where we had to go uphill for a while, but it wasn't too bad. I'm not much of a fan of hiking unless we are headed somewhere interesting, and fortunately we were headed for a cave!

The first cave we got to was Devil's Den cave, which looked pretty cool. Unfortunately, our flashlight was not nearly bright enough to navigate with any ease. We went in about 50 feet and decided to come out. It was so dim that we had to proceed very slowly, so getting to the end of the cave would have taken a very long time.

We hiked along the trail a bit and came to several crevasses which were pretty cool. One was relatively short and you could see the light on the other end, so I went through that one and Justin met me at the other end.

Next, we got to the Ice Box cave, which wis indeed quite chilly. It was a welcome break from the heat of the day. We didn't feel like venturing into this one, since the path would be difficult to navigate in the dark with a weak flashlight.

We continued along the Devil's Den trail, which looped back around to where it began. Tired and sweaty, we headed over to the pool to cool off. We swam around a bit with Mandy, Amber, and Nikki's brother Christian who arrived while we were out.

It was getting to be dinner time, so we headed back to the cabin to cook up some food. Justin made a platter of sushi ingredients and taught everybody how to roll thier own sushi, which was entertaining. They turned out pretty well! Then he cooked up some steaks in a marinade that he made, which was also quite tasty.

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