Road Trip Day 21 - 2007-08-09

Check out the pictures I took today:

I slept in ridiculously late again today. After getting up, I headed over to Trader Joe's to re-stock on jerky. It is great road food, though I like to make sure that I actually stop for meals on the long legs of the trip. It feels like you are wasting time, but makes the drive much more pleasant.

After that, I headed over to Barnes and Noble to try to find the unabridged version of Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. Unfortunately, they only had an 'author-approved' abridged version. No good!

I had dinner with my cousin Will, his wife Melena, and his daughter Natalia. Will cooked up some abalone he had actually pryed off of the bottom of the ocean himself! They are protected, so you can only free-dive for them, no scuba tanks allowed. Each person can get 3 per day, and 24 per season that you can catch.

He prepared it by slicing it thinly, tenderizing it, breading it, and then pan frying it. It turned out very nicely! Melena made a nice salad, rice, and zuchinni to go along with it. This was the first homemade meal I had since leaving Justin's place in Fayetteville, so I was quite happy.

After chatting with Will and the family for a while, I headed back over to hang out with Paul.

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